Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March in like a Lamb

Since its the first post of the month & I have kept only half of my new years resolutions I thought I would start some new ones. I've got some pretty amazing things happening in the coming months so putting this list of things on the internet for everyone to see might give me a little bit more motivation.

Some of the things I'd like to accomplish in the upcoming months are:

1.) Read at least 1 book per month
2.) Workout 4 times a week
3.) Go to bed by 10 on weeknights
4.) Drink 6 glasses of water a day
5.) Be better at saving money

I have a bad habit of not drinking enough water, spending money on useless things like make up (I already have a huge bin full of stuff I've accumulated), and getting books from the library and then not reading them. My goal is to work out and read at the same time, which as been working well this week, but its only Wednesday. I like our work out facility in our apt. building, but am looking into having a gym membership. If I pay to go some place I would feel like I need to go to get the most out of it. I also would like the facility to have classes (cycling, yoga, pilates, etc.) so I can feel connected and like I'm actually getting something out of it. There is a new Gold's Gym right by my apt. so the plan is to get a 7 day pass for there next week with a girlfriend. It looks really awesome and I'm hoping its not too pricey. We shall see!

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