Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I come from a small family. Its just me and my parents. I am closer with 2nd and 3rd cousins than my first. Weird, I know. For this post I wanted to show pictures of family other than my parents. 

Day 27: A picture of yourself and a family member

Brandon, me, Maury & Bryan

My favorite cousins and I about 3 Christmas' ago. Along with their cat, Maury. Maury is such a love-bug I can hardly get him off me whenever I leave. I grew up camping almost every weekend in the summer with these boys and it amazes me how much they've grown up! Bryan is 5 years younger than me and Brandon is 7 but still - I watched them grow up! We used to get into so much trouble. But my best memories are with them. And I don't nearly see them as often as I'd like :( That sorta thing just happens when you grow up.

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