Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Give It Up, Baby

Lent is upon us. And being the Catholic girl that I am, I feel obligated to give up something for Lent. Since I'm on a work out kick and trying to get back in shape, I thought I'd give up something that would do something good for my body:

Soda Pop

 Coke is my vice. 
It is so delicious and refreshing
And full of calories & sugar.

Yuck. So good-bye sugary delight. Hello water with lemon and green tea. 
This girl's getting skinny and coca-cola is not going to hold me back!


missdixon said...

I was thinking of giving that up. Chips and pop are my weakness....but I decided not to. I gave decided to just not go on facebook and twitter instead, lol. Good luck!

A.Rose said...

I don't think i could give up twitter or facebook!! So more power to you! Have a great weekend :)

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