Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Finally got on the bandwagon that EVERYONE has been on and tried Chobani greek yogurt! I thought it was going to be so amazing and be bursting with flavors once it hit my tastes buds. But then I remembered its fat free so you kinda have to 'jazz it up' with fruit and/or granola. I tried the vanilla with blueberries and it was good! I was kinda depressed that my grocery store didn't have a large varieties of flavors. So I'm on the hunt!

I made a trip to the newly renovated Target to see how fabulous it was and they surprised me! Target had an amazing variety of Chobani flavors AND they were $0.40 cheaper!!! That's a crazy good deal! So I picked up a few more and can't wait to try them. The most intriguing one is pineapple which I'm ecstatic about because I looooove pineapple!

This is a horrible late night photo, but it shows the new toaster we bought in the back! Its got all these fancy gadgets and everything! Can't wait to use it for my thin bagel tomorrow morning :)

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