Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Working Class

Day 17: A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently

I suppose I can't ignore it any more, but my fear is that if I say it aloud it will really be true and not just a nightmare I'm going to wake up from soon. I lost my job last week. And I've been devastated the past couple days trying to get my resume on track and fill out endless applications, praying after every submit button that this is the golden ticket. 

Besides the fact that I was absolutely in love with my job and it was a total shocker they were down-sizing & I was on the chopping block, its just humiliating trying to find a job in this economy. On the upside, there are a lot of positions out there fitting my exact criteria and a HUGE plus - the pay is way higher than I expected and more than what I was making! So, I am trying to be positive in all the mess. Something great is going to come and I'm going to love that job more than I loved the last one. My niche is going to be found - I just know it!

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