Saturday, March 26, 2011

Favorite Book

Reading is something I love to do - except when it was for school, then it was boring. As I said last week, I'm currently reading Harry Potter and am loving every minute of it! I'm almost done with the first book! There's so much I forgot about the wizarding world that its sorta like reading it for the first time! I know, I probably sound like a huge dork but reading is a GREAT thing!! I wish kids these days read more. 

I don't have a huge library like my parents, my library consists of books whose stories I fell in love with. I must say though, Emily Giffin's  latest book did not do her justice. She is probably my favorite author and Heart of the Matter was not like her other uplifting books. I asked for it for Christmas and read it in about a week and I was highly disappointed. I do not recommend that book, but her others especially Something Borrowed and Something Blue are great, easy reads that you'll love. They tie into one another nicely too.

Surprisingly, my favorite book that I've read numerous times is not an Emily Giffin book. 

Day 23: A picture of your favorite book

Girl With A Pearl Earring is a great story about a servant living in 1600 Delft. Griet is a maid in a painters house, who has 5 children [with 1 on the way], a wife, and mother-in-law who can't stand her. She over comes all the crap that they throw at her with a twist. It was made into a movie with Scarlett Johansson starring, but I haven't seen it. I don't really care for Scarlett so that's probably why I haven't seen it. I would highly recommend the book if you're looking for something different.  


As a goal to myself to try and read more, I thought I would try something new and do a New Book Sunday post with a new book I've read with a review. I'd rather read a book with someones personal take on it, rather than reading reviews on Amazon [even though I'm a huge Amazon fan!]. This could be a new kind of book club blog style!


Sarah Beth said...

I'm with ya girl... I love reading, but it was like as soon as I was told I had to read something, I hated it! I haven't read "The Girl with the Pearl Earring" but I've heard it's so good! I'll put it on my list!

Cute cute blog! Glad I found ya!

xoxo, Sarah Beth

Michelle Leigh said...

I've never been a huge reader, especially because I always have to read for class, but I finally got around to reading Something Borrowed. I couldn't put that book down! I look forward to Something Blue, but you're not the only one I've heard say the last one wasn't that good. I'll probably skip it.

Megan said...

OMG love the new layout girl!!! I'm slowly getting back into blogging after getting home. You'd think I have been gone for two years I'm so out of it!

I've never been a huge reader because I lose focus too a book must REALLY grab my attention. Right now I'm reading "Hypnotisøren". (Swedish book translated to Norwegian). I hope I can keep my attention span on its A-GAME!

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