Monday, May 30, 2011

Bachelorette Party

My bestie is getting married in 3 wks so in celebration of her becoming a 'wifey' her bridesmaids and closest friends threw a classic bachelorette party! 

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of my apartment decorations but they were fabulous thanks to Madeline who picked up balloons and table cloths at the last minute because I had to work. 

Here are a few pictures of the bride-to-be and the bachelorette party goers!

A fun night of bar hopping and girlfriends have a few cocktails!
Can't wait to do it again in a couple months for the next round of friends who are getting married!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hold It Against Me

I am fiercely excited to announce that I'm going to the Britney Spears concert in July!!!
AHHH!!! I couldn't be more excited!

Not only has she been one of my favorite singers since I knew what pop culture
was but she's an amazing performer [or so I'm told by people who have seen her
before]! And I'm also pretty sure I know every one of her songs by
heart... I have every CD.

Here's a little list of my Britney favorites:
Song: Circus
Album: toss up between Circus & Blackout
Music Video: Baby One More Time... CLASSIC!
Boyfriend: JT -- obviously!
Moment: MTV's VMA perfomance circa 2000
If I had her body, I'd wear that too!

Are you a Britney fan?? Going to see her on tour this summer?
Jealous I'm going?! haha ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer Weddings

Summer is a popular time for weddings and I am so excited for all the ones I am going to!

 I am grateful to be a part of my best friends wedding next month as a bridesmaid and its getting down to the wire - I still need to find shoes [in silver if you happen to know any good websites!]. I am excited to be involved in their special day because I have known this couple for many years now and I am so happy for them. I am also a little anxious/nervous because this is the first wedding for my group of friends and it included many people from high school whom I haven't seen in awhile. But it also means catching up with old friends which I am looking forward to. 

We're getting down to only twenty-some days until so I need to get some silver shoes, lose another 5lbs and put my dancing shoes on! Feels like I've been waiting for this day forever, helping her plan and its finally here! Pics of wedding and bachelorette party to come - they'll be too good not to post! 

New Job!

So excited to tell all of you that I finally got a new job! I am sooo EXCITED! I even had a little happy hour action with my roommate to celebrate!

I have a bachelors in Social Work but after my first job out of college working in the social work field, I am not interested in it. I have a sour taste from the way management treated me and how I just wasn't going to be able to move up in the company. I realize that not every place is like that, but I am looking for a company I can grow professionally with and they intern value my skills and abilities as an excellent contribution to the company. Well, I found that!

I accepted a position at Mandel Group as their Leasing Agent and could not be happier! I hit it off with the property manager there who will be my boss and cannot wait to start work on Monday! I am a huge routine/schedule person so being out of work this long as been hard to keep on my work out routine because I feel so out of sync. 

I am feeling like this is going to be a great fit and I will excel at this position! I will know more on Monday and keep you update! I think having a routine will also help me keep on track with blogging because I've been horrible lately =( 

Now its time to celebrate this good fortune and hope my good luck keeps on rolling! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I want to extend my apologies for being MIA the past few weeks!! I know some of my followers are wondering if I fell of the planet - no I haven't!
I've just been so busy with life I haven't been taking the time to blog. So much has happened and I even took pictures of dyeing Easter eggs and Brewers games in hopes of blogging but didn't. Doesn't make sense to go backwards - just to move forward and keep you all updated :) 


Hope you're all having a fabulous Tuesday and great start to the week!

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