About Me

Hey there.. I'm Ashley Rose.. but some call me A.Rose.
I am an extremely outgoing person who loves to be around others 
I love making other people laugh:

"Laughing cures a multitude of ills."-Audrey Hepburn

I live in Milwaukee with 1 roommate in a fabulous downtown apt. overlooking the city & am by definition 'a city girl'.  

In my free time I hang out with my friends, watch way too much TV for my own sanity, travel, attempt at eating healthy, & read Amazon's latest books.
I also love quotes and frequently visit Hollie's Quotes for her daily quote or just to find something that speaks to me that day.

 A blog is something I've always wanted to do but never really thought I had the time or ideas to interest anyone. I hope that I am as funny and fabulous through my writing as I am in real life. Enjoy!

Questions or comments?
Email me champagnepearls {at} gmail {dot} com
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