Thursday, March 24, 2011

Forgetful Lucy

A favorite movie of mine is 50 First Dates with Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler.  I'm sure all of you have seen it so I won't bore you the details. Its sad how Lucy has to re-start and re-learn every day because her mind resets itself. First off, that would be annoying to go through, and it would be annoying to remind the person about day to day things every morning. 

There are some things I regret and wish I could forget when they happen, but after time passes, it doesn't seem as dramatic or bad as it did when it first happened. I tried really hard to think about something super specific that if I could really forget it - almost erase it - it wouldn't have changed anything else that came from it.

Day 21: A picture of something you wish you could forget

I changed my major 2 years into college. I came to school thinking I wanted to be a Communicative Disorders major with the goal of working with kids with speech impediments. Well, the program was hard and the professors weren't very supportive. It was kinda like, either you were meant for it or you weren't, and I felt like I was constantly being told I wasn't fit for it. So I switched majors to Social Work and immediately fell in love with the program and everything it had to offer. Every once and awhile I think back to my Com Dis days and wish I had stuck with it, at least one more semester just to be sure. I think about going back to school to get a graduate degree in it, but I don't know if I want to go back to school for 2 more years. Granted, I'm not really doing anything with the degree I graduated with and all the girls who stayed in the program that I still talk with on Facebook don't have jobs in a related field either so its discouraging. I think the economy is just bad.

So, I wish I could just forget I was ever a different major so I could stop obsessing about choosing the right major. I stuck with Social Work for a reason, and even though it hasn't worked out in my professional career to pursue it, I always have that bachelor's degree to fall back on, regardless of what its for.

Now that I'm finished on that post [it took me like 3hrs] 
I can focus on the basketball games at hand and 
cheer for WISCONSIN

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