Monday, February 28, 2011


My roommate Rosi & I were craving bowls of pasts Friday night. In an attempt to eat something cheap, the plan was to get something from the Whitefish Bay Sendik's hot bar but we waited too long & everything was picked over. After naming off several restaurants in the area & driving around for a bit, Louise's was decided!

I hadn't been there in at least 2 years so I was excited for the tasty food I remembered them having as well as seeing if they had anything new on the menu. We arrived around 7:30 and it was perfect - not very many people there. I couldn't wait to get a huge bowl of pasta in my tummy!

We had a huge spread that consisted of homemade bread, mozzarella caprese salad, chicken parmigiana for me and roasted vegetable fettuccine for Rosi. Everything tasted delicious, cooked well and flavors melting together in your mouth. The only disappointing part of the meal was our waitress. She was inattentive and just plain blah. Like I said before, it wasn't that busy. She maybe had 3 tables, and seemed overly attentive to the table next to us but I overheard someone from their table express that she hadn't showed up to refill drinks in over 20 minutes.
Over all, it was enjoyable. And the leftovers were phenomenal as well :) Nice date night with the bestie!

My chicken alla parmigiana

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