Monday, February 14, 2011

Bed Head

I love the way a new hair cut makes you feel. So fresh and fabulous. I just got a trim because I'm growing it out for a wedding I'm in this summer, but still. You can't beat a new hair cut!

My hairdresser is so great & I feel so comfortable with her. She talked me into buying some new shampoo which was worth it because my hair feels even better today than yesterday! The salon recently started promoting Bed Head which is a brand I've only used through samples. I bought the recovery set since I color my hair & straighten/blow dry almost every day and don't want it to be any more damaged than it already is. Its got huge moisturizing amounts in each use and really gets into the hair to get the dryness out. It also has a great smell! New shampoo always makes you want to wash your hair like 3 times a day because its so awesome (please tell me I'm not the only dork who thinks that!).

Let me just say that I love the stuff I bought and just needed to have a little PSA about Bead Head products!

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