Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I work in an office and people are constantly bringing in treats. Either their wife demanded they take it to work or they deliberatly made us a treat, or the occasional gift from a customer - there is usually always something in the lunch room. My office mates & I came up with a top 5 list of things we like to snack on while at work:

1.) Cheetos
Even though the orange powder gets everywhere & you have to lick your fingers to get it off, nothing beats a handful of cheetos.
2.) Brownies
A lady in customer service makes the BEST brownies and tops them off with cream cheese icing. Delish.
3.) Beer Dip
If I haven't refrenced him yet I will at some point in a post regarding to work, but my most fun work mate is Robert & he makes a killer beer dip (not better than my roomies tho!). There is something so easy and free as a coupld fritos with dip. Kinda make the day better.
4.) Carrots
This is my personal fave because carrots are so delicious and the crunchy-ness is like eating a chip but healthier!
5.) Bagels
Bagels are the easy, no-fuss, toasted or non breakfast food everyone loves. Its even better when the 'shmears' aka cream cheese comes in good flavors like sun roasted tomato or garden veggie instead of just plain. Who wants to be boring?
I realize our top 5 list is not healthy, but you can let yourself indulge once in awhile. Not every day do we have brownies or cake. Today for instance, theres nothing in the kitchen but I brought cheetos and shared. And when any of us do have any snacks, we share (if there not for the entire community in the kitchen). Such nice office mates I have! Happy snacking!

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