Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top 5

I have always loved traveling. I was lucky enough to see most of the US on summer trips with my parents growing up. Some of my greats memories are the ones when we're on vacation. I am a firm believer that once you start traveling, you never want to stop which is how I've come up with my top 5 list of places I want to go in my lifetime.

1.) Australia.
I have wanted to visit the beaches of Australia and see kangaroos and koala's for as long as I can remember. I have a savings account my dad & I call the 'Australia Fund' that's been around since about 8th grade. Australia is so appealing with those cute aussie accents everyone has. Hopefully if I go I would pick one up :) haha

2.) Greece
Greece has so much history and is so beautiful (from the pictures). A huge seafood loving country, I can only imagine all the delicious fish I would be eating while looking at the deep blue oceans.

3). Italy
I am a HUGE pasta & wine lover so Italy has been calling my name since I knew what vino was. So rich in culture, Italy has so many beautiful things to offer a tourist: the arts, Catholic faith history, gorgeous natives... :) My family recently found out we were Italian, which was surprising since my parents were in Germany searching for family, so going there could open new avenues of my heritage as well as good food & great scenery.

4.) Ireland
Irish accents are SO hott! But besides cute Irishmen, Ireland also has great views. A small country in Europe, it has a rich history & huge love for beer and good music. The small corner pubs and friendly atmosphere make Ireland an ideal travel spot. Many museums to visit as well as kissing the blarney stone is something I definitely want to do!
5). Hawaii
Paradise. This picture basically sums up what I'd love to do in Hawaii: sitting on the beach with a mai tai catching some rays. I've never been close to a volcano which would be cool to see or worn a hula skirt, both of which I would do if I ever get the chance to visit America's paradise!

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