Monday, February 21, 2011

Brewfest 2011

Every year Milwaukee Ale House hosts its annual Brewfest. This year was the 14th annual and they hosted over 20 different breweries with 60+ beers to taste. This was my 4th year attending; my parents' 10th (you could say they are some serious beer lovers).

This year was the most fun yet for many different reasons. First off, the weather was bad and it was snowing pretty heavily before we got there. For the past couple years, my parents had made pretzel necklaces for everyone in our group - something to munch on while drinking. Last year was the first time one the Ale House owners suggested we make them for the general public and donate all proceeds to the MACC fund. This year, while making the pretzel necklaces, the power went out (due to the weather)! It was out for over an hour and half before it finally came back on. Due to fire codes, Ale House was not allowed to let any more people in, so for over an hour people waited outside in the snow to get into Brewfest! We also celebrated my dads birthday so while the lights were out we lit the candles on the cake & sang happy birthday. TheI'm so thankful we were inside warm and drinking already :) I think each year gets more fun because of the people in our group, the vendors and other patrons. Its always a good time with good friends and good beer.

Nana selling the pretzel necklaces!

Erik & I

The 2011 Brewfest crew! (minus my dad & I)

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