Monday, February 21, 2011

Weather Advisory

Southeastern Wisconsin has been under a weather advisory since last evening. 2-6" of snow across Milw. county with a mix of snow/sleet/rain during the early morning hours. I'd estimate where I was we got 5 in. but this morning my windshield had about 1/2 inch of ICE on it. My arms got a work out from trying to scrap it off! This is the most annoying thing about winters in Wisconsin.
I realize its only the end of February so spring really isn't within reach yet, but the nice 50 degree weather we had last week was fabulous.

As I write this, the snow isn't falling yet but we're anticipating another couple inches :( More than likely tomorrow will not be a snow day like earlier this month, which was great until our parking lot wasn't going to be towed until the following morning and we had to literally dig each others cars out. I thought living in an apt. building meant you didn't have to shovel but I guess not. The only thing about the snow that is a plus is when its still fresh & compact, it fills the pot holes that lay all over the city :)

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