Monday, February 14, 2011

Friend or Foe?

I recently was asked to accept a friendship via Facebook. This would be all fine & dandy since I know the person, but they de-friended me over a year ago. So, why ask for my friendship again? We didn't run into each other nor have said 2 words since we became non-friends via fbook (as I like to call it).

It makes me ask the question of why we clear out our social networking page and de-friend people. Do they keep popping up on our newfeeds too much? Did they do something so unforgivable the only thing you know that would hurt them more then not talking to them is to de-friend? Or do they simply not mean anything to you because you had a class with them once and decided to become Facebook friends. Whichever the case (I am guilty of de-friended for all of these reasons), can you redeem your self and ask for the friendship again? I say no. There is a reason I didn't want to be your friend anymore or if you deleted me as a friend, I will firmly not accept. Our first friendship was a sham so why would I want to be your friend again. Try another deleted friend, I'm not interested.

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