Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Favorites!

I love make-up. I love finding new fabulous make-up that makes me thinks "how did I ever live without this?!" Reading all of your blogs has helped me find awesome new stuff too!

My best friend wears by Bobbi Brown and in an attempt to get some really great foundation, I decided to get color matched and try it out. Well, its aaaaamazzingggg! The sales gal thought the Natural Finish Long Lasting foundation was perfect for me and she was right. Its so light weight and feels like you're wearing nothing. And I don't have to reapply until after work (if I've got plans past 5pm) which is nice. Applying the make up with a brush was also a genius idea by Bobbi because it covers better and evenly. I am in love! Haha

My second purchase was a little something for my eyes. I bought Buxom Mascara ($18) & their Inner Eyeliner ($14).  My friend Carly over at Little Burdie introduced me to the Buxom brand and I was instantly intrigued. I must admit, I've always been jealous of her eyes because a) they always look amazing & b) mascara is all she wears and she looks flawless!
Anyways, Sephora had the mascara and I was excited, but the sales gal said the eyeliner was the perfect pair so I bought both and I am so glad I did! The fine brushes on the mascara make it so much harder to clump up and really thicken my lashes. 2 coats & I'm good to go! And the eyeliner is on all day & I never have to touch up!

These items are definitely some of my 'best buys'. I am hooked and have used them everyday since purchasing!
I highly suggest trying any or all of these because they're awesome!! 



Leanna Vera said...

I'm obsessed with Buxom products and practically everything that Bare Minerals does. I'm glad you did the link up so I could discover your blog!

A.Rose said...

Aww thanks Leanna! Can't wait to check out your blog! Thanks for the follow :)

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