Monday, April 11, 2011

Gold's Gym

I have told you all that I've been on a work out kick, not only to better my health but to get in shape and look oh-so-fabulous for my bestie's wedding in 67 days!! [seriously cannot believe its in 67 days.. time fliessss!]

I got a membership at my local Gold's Gym and am obsessed. Its a state of the art facility with a ton of stuff to do and people who are willing to help you get to your goals! I chose Gold's over other facilities because they have classes. I've taken 3 classes so far and have LOVED each of them! I've also had 2 training sessions and its nice having someone there kicking your butt and cheering you on!

Today, my trainer and I did intervals on an elliptical that best mimics running without going on the treadmill [ the name escapes my mind right now], did some squats, used some weights, and did kick boxing! Let me tell you, I am beat! Such a great work out and she gave me a lot of great tips for working out on my own, weather at home or at the gym. I feel amazing! There's nothing better than an awesome work out!

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