Monday, April 11, 2011


Bethenny Frankel is one of my most favorite reality show stars. 

I admit, I'm a reality show whore, and watch almost anything that's on,
especially if its on Bravo.

Bethenny is my favorite because she's so real. Seriously, some of the stuff that comes
out of her mouth I've either said, or been like "Omg I totally agree!"  I've read her books and think she's phenomenal. If you're serious about losing weight, read her books. They tell the real story of how to make losing weight happen by the small lifestyle changes that incorporate total weight loss. 

Seeing her on  Real Housewives season 1 pouring out her heart
wanting a great hubby & family -and then finally getting it -
makes your heart melt.
She's a woman who went after her dreams and
got the best life she could ask for. 

She's awesome!


Madeline said...

I LOVE HER TOO!! I want to meet her in Hazleton this summer! -Madeline

Megan said...

i never watched her show...maybe ill have to check it out!

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