Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

I spent America's best holiday with my family and my new beau's family, enjoying the gorgeous weather Milwaukee got :)

4th of July is the staple holiday for BBQs, picnics and families getting together. The grill has something delicious on it and I always happen to have a cocktail in my hand. Over the weekend, I had marinated chicken, hamburgers, coleslaw, caprese salad, banana split, Saz's mozzarella sticks, cake, ice cream sandwiches, fruit salad and a whole lot more I just won't mention. I also didn't eat this all in one sitting, but none the less, it was all delish!

Fireworks are my favorite part of this holiday. Below is a picture someone posted on Flickr of the fireworks show over the harbor from out on Lake Michigan.

I am actually lucky enough I can see the fireworks on the lake front from my apartment, but for 4th of July the beau & I went to a friends house on the lake in Whitefish Bay & watched them from their backyard. 

Thankfully I was smart enough to take today off so I could relax a little bit more and spend some time with the boy before he heads back to Chicago. 

Hope all of you had an amazing 4th of July!

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