Monday, July 18, 2011

Coopers Hawk Winery

Over the weekend I was in Chicago visiting the boy and we decided to hit up a winery/restaurant that we had been to before, but decided to sit-down and eat, rather then do carry-out like the previous visit. 

I have been obsessed with Cooper's Hawk since the first visit because it had such a great atmosphere and the staff was so nice. And the wine we tasted was even better. AND they have a location that just opened up in Brookfield so now I can go whenever, not just when visiting the boy!

This second visit did not disappoint. We were lucky to find a spot in the lounge and not have to wait 45 minutes for a table. We started out with a chicken potsticker app but clearly by the photo I took I was more excited about the martini I was enjoying after a crazy busy work week!

The potstickers were delish, and so is their pretzel bread they bring you. Not as good as those crazy good butter rolls from Texas Roadhouse, but we'll save that for another post!

For dinner I had the Chicken and Avocado Sandwich and it was HUGE! Grilled chicken breast with bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, provolone cheese and avocado, topped with a yummy jalapeno mayo.  I only ate half and took the rest home :)

Ben had their Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich that looked amazing as well. I did not get a picture of that one though as Ben thought it was weird I was taking pictures of my food as it is..haha.

Definitely recommend trying this place out, especially if you're in IL or in WI. Great food and even better service!

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