Thursday, June 23, 2011

Daily Health Challenges

My friend Alexis turned me onto this website called Me You Health. Its a website that encourages you to do the daily challenge that helps either your emotional, physical,work environment, healthy behaviors, basic access (food, water, etc) & life evaluation. 

You accumulate points by completing the daily challenges, encouraging others to participate for that day, replying to posts on how people completed the challenge and smiling at posts. It sounds kind of silly, but I'm addicted! Each challenge is unique and sometimes I feel ridiculous doing them or like I'm a little kid but I seriously feel better afterwards! It's just knowing that you completed something that is helping you're well being that is awesome. 

I recommend all of you joining and doing a 5-day pact with me! Its the small things you do daily that impact your life. So lets get to doing some Daily Challenges!

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